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The Journey has Begun

Our story is a story that has been lived many times before. We were a family like many others. Life was moving along smoothly and we had some children and a steady job and things were great! Then, some health problems came into play, and that steady job was no longer an option. We were back to square one after 15 years in one career. What to do next?

Mr. Repair’s father had owned a television company for several decades, but televisions have changed a lot since then. Could there be enough work in television repair to support our family and parents? Maybe, maybe not, but in the meantime, we could maybe pick up some warranty work on microwaves if Mr. Repair took this class. When that was a success, the warranty company asked about washer repairs. Sure, there’s a class to take for that, too. And dryers aren’t much more complicated once you start learning. And here’s an opportunity for refrigerators, and one for dishwashers, and so on.

Soon we realized we are now part of that Sandwich Generation. You know: the one where you are raising your own children and you suddenly realize your parents need you, too. So we packed up our Old Kentucky Home and moved our family back to Pittsburgh to be closer to Mr. Repair's parents and the original business. Now the kids get to spend time with their grandparents, and we get to participate in the American Dream of owning your own business and being your own boss.

Mr. Repair has always had a knack for puzzles. He enjoys taking broken things and figuring out how to make them work. As a child he drove his mother crazy taking apart all the flashlights he could find. He has been fixing random things around the house as long as I’ve known him. Appliance repair has been a great way to use his skills in a professional capacity, and it looks like we will be able to support our crew without a government job after all.

As for me, Mrs. Repair, I am being stretched and pushed out of my comfort zone. I have spent years raising and homeschooling our children. It has been amazing! But now I find myself with a new hat: I am privileged to be the manager of our little business. It has been challenging to try to juggle home, homeschooling, and business management, especially with no formal experience in the latter. I’m still working on it, and and praying I don’t screw it all up, or make it harder for Mr. Repair instead of easier!

Thanks for joining us on this new journey!

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